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Axis Europe

Overall Purpose

Site Managers are the linchpin in our delivery of an effective and efficient service – ensuring that we maintain good quality work, carried out safely and completed on schedule, and in accordance with our Client’s specification, with minimum inconvenience to the residents in occupied premises.

Key Tasks / Activities / Responsibilities

Liaise closely with RLOs; inform, advise and ensure that RLOs are always provided with up-to-date information on programmed dates, extent, progress and likely impact of proposed and ongoing works, to facilitate RLO’s delivery of a good quality service to residents

Work in conjunction with RLOs to produce a detailed Schedule of Conditions, and photographic records to capture such conditions prior to commencing works

Ensure that all residents belongings are set aside from the works and that adequate protection is always in place prior to, and indeed as works proceed

Carefully review all work orders and specification prior to authorising the subcontractor to commence or proceed with such works; Notify the Contracts Manager immediately of all inconsistencies and inaccuracies identified in such works specifications as and when they arise

Detail and document all instructions, variations and additional works received from Clients and Client Agents on variation (‘Confirmation of Instructions / Additional Works’) sheets prior to executing such instructions

Ensure that all such Variation sheets are appropriately completed and signed by the Client and Client Agent; provide the Contracts Manager with such signed copies at the earliest opportunity

Ensure that the Construction Phase Health & Safety File is present, updated and maintained on site

Plan, programme and coordinate efforts of Operatives and Subcontractors such that works progress regularly, and are completed promptly and in accordance with the contract provisions, with the least amount of disruption and inconvenience to the residents in occupations

Ascertain that all Subcontractors and operatives carrying out any works on site have been inducted; ensure that every operative is appropriately qualified to carry out the operations they propose to engage; obtain and ascertain that method statements issued by Subcontractors are adequate and acceptable prior to authorising works to proceed

Ascertain that all Heating and gas works specified have been brought to the attention of the Gas Qualifying Manager prior to authorising such works to proceed on site

Take all necessary actions to ensure a safe and secure site, particularly as site will very often be within occupied premises; be aware of sources of significant hazards on site, and eliminate such – consider scaffolding and access equipment, PPE, temporary supply of electricity to portable equipment, buried or hidden services, site tidiness, rubbish removal from site, dust and fumes, asbestos, working with disabled, young, old or vulnerable residents etc.

Ensure that Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are worn by all Operatives and Visitors to site in accordance with good practice and statutory requirements

Monitor and regularly inspect works in progress to ensure that works are being carried out in accordance with the contract specification; snag and correct substandard works as necessary even as works progress

Prepare snagging list at the earliest opportunity and promptly issue such for the record of the Contract Manager

Confirm satisfactory completion of all works or snagging in person by visual inspection of the works on site

Ensure cooperation and work in conjunction with the Resident Liaison Officer (RLO) to realise the successful completion of works at each site

Ensure that works are completed on schedule, and the site is prepared ready and to the satisfaction of the client to the extent that a Practical Completion Certificate is duly issued

Complete a daily logbook detailing site visits, meetings, observations and action taken, with all corresponding dates and times noted; such logbook should be legible and available for inspection by the Contract Manager upon request

Provide any other reports that may be requested by Clients, the Contracts Manager or the Commercial Manager

Attend monthly contract meetings and provide Contracts Managers with progress reports as and when requested

Actively ensure the utmost confidentiality in dealing with all records and information you become aware of in the course of works, pertaining to the company, its staff or to residents

Provide other ad hoc duties deemed necessary by the Contracts Manager or the Commercial Manager for the efficient running of the Maintenance Division

Follow and support policies, procedures, initiatives and work instructions related to sustainability improvement and environmental compliance

Person Specification

Key Knowledge

Good detailed construction knowledge acquired preferable from a background in a building construction trade

Awareness of applicable Health & Safety Legislation and the implications of such provisions

A basic I.T knowledge is required as you will be required to communicate routinely by email

An awareness of the Government’s Decent Homes Initiative

Previous experience of Decent Homes Programmes

Previous work experience with Local Authorities or Social Housing Providers

A basic knowledge of Microsoft Office Word and Excel will be beneficial

Key Skills

Good organisational, scheduling and planning skills

Good interpersonal skills; must enjoy working with people on a personal level, and be approachable, tactful and diplomatic

Good communication skills; must be able to communicate very confidently both verbally and in writing

Ability to work on your own initiative, and as part of a team

Must hold a current driving licence, as you will be required to drive

Key Experience

Must have a good working experience of a customer services environment.

Must have a good experience of working in a busy environment, and delivering to strict deadlines

Other Key Information

Must be flexible regarding travelling and working at various sites, and attendance at evening meetings

Full Clean driving license

Clean DBS

You must own an Android or IOS mobile phone which you will use as part of your job (BYOD)

All staff has a personal responsibility and accountability to Axis to ensure that their day to day activities adhere to the Sustainability Policy Statement and Plan and minimise the impact upon the environment.

It is the responsibility of all staff to ensure that their day to day activities embrace sustainability and reduce the impact upon the environment by minimise waste and maximise recycling; saving energy; minimise water usage and report any electrical faults, water leakage or other environmental concerns to the facilities or line manager.