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Axis Apprentice Becomes Business Owner

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Maice Browne joined Axis at the age of 17 after successfully landing himself a place on our renowned apprenticeship scheme, but he now runs a plumbing business that covers East and North London. He was living in Bethnal Green when one of our leaflets, advertising the apprenticeship scheme, came through his front door.

Maice told us: “I wanted to do something hands-on. I don’t like to sit in an office, I love getting stuck in. I’d always thought about becoming a plumber so when they put that through the door, I thought I’d apply for it.”

Maice did apply and was up against 60 other applicants but, after a successful interview, he was accepted onto a plumbing apprenticeship, alongside one other candidate, which he completed in four years. After his apprenticeship, he spent a year working for Axis before becoming a self-employed contractor. He runs D&M Plumbing Ltd, with two other plumbers.

On the apprenticeship, Maice said: “The apprenticeship is hard work but you’ve got to stick at it. It was a four year course and some people might think that’s a long time, but it was worth it in the end.”

Maice offered his thanks to Axis for giving him the opportunity and teaching him the skills to be a successful plumber: “I chose to become a subcontractor because I’ve always wanted to start my own business. The help Axis gave me means I am able to achieve something in life and, hopefully one day soon, I’ll be able to employ people who I can help. It’s going well so far.”

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