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Axis Focuses on Miles Per Gallon Improvements

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Axis is pleased to announce that their fleet drivers have improved their average miles per gallon rate by a massive 16.37% between March and June 2014.

MPG is calculated as a daily average and shows how efficiently drivers are driving – i.e. the larger the number, the more miles they can use a gallon of fuel, meaning the larger the number, the more efficient they are.

This improvement in fuel efficiency is due to Axis’ long-term Fleet Efficiency programme which includes making improvements in owned and newly-purchased vehicles; providing drivers with extra training, upgrading fleet trackers to the TomTom system and introducing monthly efficiency league tables.

The MPG league tables rank the drivers according to their average monthly MPG score and their vehicle category, alongside how much they have improved from the previous month. This information is ‘provided from Axis’ TomTom telematics system and is sent out to managers monthly so they are able to monitor continuous improvements.

The encouragement of climbing up the league table and competing with colleagues for the top spot provides a real incentive for drivers to improve their efficiency scores.
Axis’ average MPG across all TomTom tracked fleet is 38.68 MPG – this includes everything from large tipper trucks to small fiesta vans; those driving lots of motorways and those navigating through the stop-start traffic of London.

“I think when you know that fuel economies are measured it is human nature to want to improve and go higher up the league table,” said one of the Fleet drivers, Derek Kelly. “If you physically have the average consumption in front of you, it does make you alter your driving habits. So for all those years that I believed I was driving well, actually I wasn’t.”

In addition to monthly league tables, for the second year running, Axis’ drivers will receive Eco-Safe Driving Training. This helps to provide drivers with the skills they need to improve their average MPG and to develop their safe driving technique. This year Axis has teamed up with Bill Plant Corporate Driver Management who is one of the Energy Saving Trust’s newly-approved Eco-Driving trainers.

“There were different techniques to improve our miles per gallon,” explained John Luke, who was the first driver to test out the new training provider. “One of them is to minimise the amount of time you use the accelerator and use the momentum of the vehicle to prevent using diesel to maximise the efficiency of the vehicle. The results were an improvement of 17% in a 15 minute drive which I found very impressive.”

“I am really pleased to see all of the drivers making such big improvements in such a short space of time,” stated Sustainability Manager, Helen Craig. “Many are putting their Smart Driving training from last year to good use and we’re also really pleased that our recent van purchases have lived up to their environmental credentials.”

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