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Axis Foundation celebrates Decade of Donations

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The Axis Foundation celebrates a Decade of Donations in 2019.

Our Donations

In the ten years since the Foundation was born, it has supported 200 causes and donated over £1.4 million. Every small, local and impactful cause the Foundation has supported has made a real difference to an individual, a group, or an element of society.

Contributions and funds

The Foundation funds derive from a corporate donation; from our generous guests at our annual Charity Golf Day and Charity Ball – and from the tireless fundraising activities of Axis people.

Axis people set the first stone

Ten years ago, the people who work at Axis set the very first Foundation stone with their spirit of giving.

Says CEO John Hayes: “I set the Foundation up originally to try and formalise and capture all the elements of “giving” that we were already doing right across the company. To say it has exceeded my wildest expectations would be a massive understatement.”

10th birthday year

The Foundation’s 10th birthday year opened with Generous January which set the ‘Generous’ theme for the year!

Record breaking support at our Charity Golf Day and our Charity Ball plus well-supported social media campaigns and popular celebratory parties continued the joy through 2019 with well wishers from all over the UK joining in to wish the Foundation Happy Birthday.

The Foundation videographers joined forces with many of the charities who have received donations  from the Foundation to make Birthday Videos. And we made a very special video, Benjamin’s Story, with charity partners Demelza and the Oliver Fisher Trust, our chosen charities at our Charity Ball.

Grand Finale

As an impressive culmination to our 10th birthday year, the Axis Foundation’s 14th charity ball raised a record-breaking £150,000. This brings the total sums raised by all Axis’ charity balls to £850,000.


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