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Axis Foundation Donates 500K!

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The Axis Foundation has reached an impressive and wonderful milestone; the total amount of money we have raised and donated to good causes has surpassed £500,000! When Axis was formed, the focus was on developing a strong and successful business and one of the perks of growth is gaining the ability to give back to the communities and individuals who are most in need.

Axis is a values-led company and value number six reads: a community we contribute to will welcome and value us. It has been, and always will be, of great importance for us to give back to the people living in the communities in which we work. In 2009, the Axis Foundation was formed and ever since then we have been helping the local community and have now reached the monumental milestone.

Chairman of the Axis Foundation, Peter Varney, said: “Axis has always had a sense of social responsibility. The Foundation receives hundreds of funding applications every year but we always try to support causes that offer a direct benefit to vulnerable, underprivileged or disabled members of society.”

The Foundation has provided support in the form of equipment, large donations, small donations or even just a helping hand. The board of trustees consider all cases and have given support to a number of different causes: from organising a monthly afternoon tea to get the socially-isolated elderly out of the house to equipping a football tournament for those with hearing impairments.

We have given St John’s Hospice, in Central London, £4,470 to buy three new patient chairs for their patients who have low mobility to which Steve Barnes, Hospice Director, commented: “I was delighted to hear the wonderful news of support from the Axis Foundation. I cannot thank the Foundation enough for this generous grant.” We’ve given 16 crash mats to Tooting-based dance troupe, Urban Future, and donated £1,000 to the Myddleton Grange Youth Project in Hackney to combat anti-social behaviour.

In our head office location, we’ve given £20,000 to Vauxhall City Farm for them to continue their Riding Therapy Centre for disabled and disadvantaged children in the local area like Harry, aged 14, who said: “My main fun in life is horse riding. I go once a fortnight and it is the thing I look forward to most.” Supporting programmes like this allows children like Harry some escape and enjoyment and their smiles are a great reward for the Axis Foundation.

Further afield, the Foundation donated £1,000 to the Suffolk Owl Sanctuary to fund the installation of 50 braille boards in order to make the sanctuary a sensory experience for people with visual impairments. Mary Robinson, who runs the sanctuary, said in response to the donation: “We are thrilled to bits that such a reputable company is supporting us in this new and exciting venture which will not only benefit people in our local community but also on a much wider scale.”

The Foundation is there to make people’s lives better even when they don’t have much of a life left. Over the years the Foundation has supported many hospices, like our charity partner Demelza (to whom we have donated over £250,000 to assist their ‘adopt a nurse’ programme), that help those with terminal illnesses. There is stigma attached to this type of care, deeming it hopeless, but the Axis Foundation cares for and supports these patients’ rights to be comfortable during their remaining days, which is why we also donated £3,788 to help complete the In-Patient Care unit at Heart of Kent Hospice. Vicki Morrey, the Heart of Kent Hospice Chief Executive, thanked us with: “We are thrilled to receive the donation from the Trustees at the Axis Foundation. Your wonderful contribution will make a real difference to the patients and their families who receive our care at the hospice.”

As well as receiving corporate donations, this year totalling £90,000, the people of Axis regularly fundraise for the Foundation with dress up days, lottery draws, cake bake-offs, hairdressing, skydives, and even shaving a few heads. All at Axis appreciate the positive difference the Axis Foundation can make and we all enjoy the camaraderie of fundraising together and helping to give back to the communities we work in. On the Foundation and the fundraising, Axis Chief Executive John Hayes said: “Giving back is in our DNA. We’ve tried to focus on the areas where we’re active by supporting small and meaningful causes rather than big and grandiose ones. Everybody at Axis gets involved in one way or another through volunteering or fundraising; we do all sorts.

“The work of the Foundation is very important to us and I’m very thankful to everyone who has contributed to its work. Without the effort and commitment of all our people, we would not have been able to make such a difference.”

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