London Borough of Lewisham Refurbishment and External Works

Lewisham Council’s offices, Catford Library and Customer Services are housed in Laurence House in Catford, south east London. Our External Works programme included installing new revolving doors and replacing cladding. Our Refurbishment programme saw a Cat A Strip Out and created a new reception area with modern work stations, installing new floors and ceilings as well as new WCs and sanitary ware. Laurence House remained fully operational and open to the public throughout the works.


• Category A Strip Out
• Design and installation of new entrance
• Remodelling of reception area
• Mechanical and Electrical
• Painting and Decorating
• Installation of internal glazed wall cladding
• Installation of WCs and sanitary ware
• Removal and replacement of exterior cladding
• Installation of Floors and Ceilings
• External works


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