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Axis Adds Sparks to its Charity Roster

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Axis has added the children’s medical research charity, Sparks, to the list of causes it supports through corporate donations. Sparks will join Demelza, a children’s hospice in South East London, and Axis Foundation, a supporter of local causes.

Like Demelza, Sparks is a charity aimed at benefitting the lives of children but where Demelza helps support terminally ill children by providing end-of-life care, Sparks raises money to fund pioneering research to find cures and new treatments to help children overcome their illnesses.

John Hayes, Axis CEO explains: “Whilst we will continue to support Demelza, which is very close to our hearts and to whom we have donated over £250,000 to their “Adopt a Nurse” programme, we felt we needed to work with a national charity as our areas of operation now cover a significant part of the country, well outside the South East London and Kent reach of Demelza”.

Having supported Sparks indirectly for a number of years through event sponsorship and attendance, John came to recognise the importance of the charity’s medical research, but also their acute need for funding to ensure the benefits were far reaching.

1 in 30 children is born everyday in the UK with a condition that will affect them for life and so it is imperative that charities like Sparks get funding and support, especially because there are still 4,000 rare childhood diseases that don’t have a cure.

“We wanted a charity that Axis people from all parts of the country could support,” continued John. “Sparks is a charity that focuses on research into children’s illnesses and diseases, hopefully their work will prevent more children having to visit hospices, like Demelza. We felt the two charities were a perfect counter-balance to each other. We look forward to growing a long term relationship with Sparks to assist their pioneering work into childhood illnesses along similar lines to our longstanding relationship with Demelza.”

Sparks was formed in 1991 and since then has funded more than 285 ground-breaking research projects in over 90 hospitals, universities and research institutions across the UK and overseas. With Sparks, every child matters – that’s why they support research into any medical condition affecting children’s health, from rare diseases to the most common illnesses.

Zilla Bingley, Sparks’ CEO said: “It’s fantastic to have the support of Axis Europe. Having such a significant national corporate partner’s support will no doubt make a huge difference to the projects we’re able to fund, and really help us with our aim to give every child the best possible start in life”.

Read more on Sparks here.

To donate, click here.

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