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Axis’ Annual Apprentice Event

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Axis is enthusiastic and passionate about their apprentices and interns which is why we are dedicated to ensuring that they make up at least 10% of our work force. Every year we take on a bunch of new apprentices, to complete the three year course, and this year we introduced 35 new apprentices to the company at our annual apprentice event hosted at Charlton Athletic Football Club.

Chief Executive, John Hayes, started his career as an apprentice as well as Managing Director of Paintings and Projects, Joe Ibrahim, and both were there to welcome the newest recruits to Axis as well as share their inspirational stories with them.

As a company, Axis is committed to developing its people and helping them grown within their career which is why training and development comes into our key values statement as we understand that our people’s growth becomes our growth.

All apprentices come from the areas in which we work and are all diverse in their backgrounds, ages and cultures, which is also something Axis celebrates. Gemma Lindridge, a new apprentice, said: “The best part of applying was researching the information and finding out what Axis is truly about. I love the fact that they spend a lot of time in the community and help local people, like myself, get back into work and they give us a chance to prove ourselves.” Gemma suffers with Dyslexia which has caused issues in the past but she praised Axis for their support and how they have helped with her condition: “What I like about my apprenticeship so far is that my Dyslexia doesn’t affect me when it has affected me all throughout my life. With Axis, it just evaporates and goes away. I feel normal.”

This year we had over 150 applicants and the newest recruits brings the total amount of apprentices working for Axis to 91, that’s nearly 11% of our total workforce! Another new apprentice, Charlie Harris, explained why the Axis Apprenticeship was so appealing: “I did work experience for six weeks and it was really good experience and training. I actually got to go out and do plastering on sites. I prefer being hands on so this really suits me. I look forward to completing the course, learning new skills and hopefully staying with Axis at the end.” Charlie came to the apprenticeship from the Sittingbourne CSR work placement scheme which works closely with five schools as well as Amicus Horizon and has worked with over thirty young people and employed twelve apprentices.

Another new apprentice, Daniel Luxford, who applied through the Charters Surveyors Trust, also shared the same thoughts: “You meet new people, learn new things and I’m excited to be working on sites. Axis throws you in there and I prefer that as opposed to being sat behind a desk all the time.” The Axis Apprenticeship is very practical but apprentices are required to attend college as well. In the first year, it is all about learning for the apprentices so they can develop their skills alongside practical work. In the second year, it is even more practical and by the third year they will pretty much be working entirely on their own as they would have been taught all necessary skills by our expert people.

Alongside their learning, the apprentices will have to complete the Apprentice CSR Challenge which was explained to them by Michelle Seale, Head of Community and Investment. Axis is passionate about giving back to the community and this is the basis of another one of our values: a community we contribute to will welcome and value us. Many of our apprentices are recruited through CSR schemes and now it’s their turn to give back. The apprentices will play a part in giving back to the communities they are from and work in through a CSR project that could be anything from an estate clean-up to fundraising for a local charity or youth organisation. The Apprentice CSR Challenge is based on the National Citizenship Service (NCS) which is aimed at 16-17 years old but has been adapted to suit all ages. The idea is that they will learn vital skills such as teamwork, problem solving and communication with the bonus of also helping the community.

On behalf of everyone at Axis, we wish the new apprentices the best of luck with their learning and hope they feel at home with us. Keep an eye out for updates on our apprentices as well as new apprentice opportunities.

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