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Axis Redecorates Birchfield Hall

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In partnership with Tower Hamlets Homes, Axis have recently redecorated Birchfield Community Centre in Poplar as part of a 2 week work placement project.

At the start of the year Simon Wilson, Senior Contracts Manager, and Sarah Cooper, Customer Service Manager, visited Birchfield Hall with Beatrice Dach from Tower Hamlets Homes to establish what works needed to be carried out. The community hall is used by a variety of groups in the local area so Axis felt that redecorating it would help to brighten up the community space and make it more welcoming for residents.

Axis agreed to carry out the works as part of a 2 week work placement project to enable students to learn and develop new skills in painting and decorating. After successfully completing the interview process, a total of 9 students were chosen to complete the work placement. Three of the students were from Think Forward, a training provider that supports young people to help them make a successful transition into adulthood, whilst the other six students were from Tommy Flowers PRU construction centre.

The works commenced on May 18th with Alan Winning, Axis Painter and Decorator, managing the project whilst supervising the work placement students. Axis were responsible for redecorating one large community room, two bathrooms, the kitchen and all of the corridors in the hall. Alan said: “I wanted to bring some colour into the hall so we decided to paint the large room in two different shades of green”. The students used a laser light to carry out this part of the works to ensure they painted a consistent straight line. Aside from developing new painting skills, the students also learnt basic plastering and sanding techniques, particularly through the flooring which they sanded down and painted with gloss.

The work placement proved to be very successful as Alan emphasised: “I was really impressed with the way in which the students worked. They all tried very hard, worked hard, turned up on time and didn’t cause any problems. There were certainly a couple of superstars in the group!” All participating students have been invited to attend our recruitment days at the end of June and July in the hope of obtaining one of Axis’ competitive apprenticeships.

Tower Hamlets Homes have provided very positive feedback about the works and are organising an official opening of the hall to enable local residents and councillors to see the transformation and to thank all involved.

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