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Roffey Estate Residents Receive Park Bench Donation

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Axis has donated its fourth bench to L&Q residents made entirely of recycled empty paint containers as part of our partnership with L&Q. This year it was Axis’ gift to the residents of the Roffey Estate.

Axis has been close partners working with the L&Q for many years. The donation reflects Axis’ commitment to L&Q, the Residents of Estates and to sustainable business practices.

The unveiling took place on the 21st of February, attended by L&Qs’ Estate Manager,  Carolle Downer, Liam Dromey, Daniel Chappell from Crown Paints, and Axis’ Kayleigh Xidhas, Catherine Weedon and Ben Ibrahim.

Axis aims to reduce their impact on the environment. The bench donated was made of 1,663 containers. Working with partners Crown Paint Axis operatives returned the plastic paint containers in which they recycle the containers and the paint, the material is then granulated into the bench. Across all contracts in total Axis has created and donated over 30 benches.

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