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TomTom Telematics Helps Deliver Outstanding Service

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In order to provide exceptional maintenance and refurbishment to social housing, Axis runs a fleet of over 240 vans and it is a vital link in performing the overall service. To ensure further benefits in terms of efficiency and accuracy to the customer, Axis has turned to TomTom in an effort to use a cutting-edge telematics solution to better manage the vehicle fleet.

Telematics systems offer the user real-time data which delivers the location of every vehicle in the fleet, in conjunction with driver behaviour and fuel consumption information. This enables office-based staff to know which operative is closest to any customer as well as providing instant access to important vehicle information and driving style information such as speeding, harsh driving, idling and fuel consumption. Vehicle maintenance needs are supported via remote monitoring of vehicle warning lights, and mileage.

TomTom Telematics works using a LINK GPS tracker, ecoPLUS OBD device, and powerful WEBFLEET web-based software which is used for live positions and historic reporting, with secure, reliable ISO27001-accredited control over who has access to what data.

Axis worked with TomTom Telematics Gold partner Auto Electrical Services (AES) to design and implement the system across the fleet. The project began in May 2013 with the installation of the telematics devices. This has resulted in improved efficiencies across the fleet and an improvement for the green credentials of the company.

Axis has made a considerable (almost 14%) increase in average MPG score across the fleet between March 2014 and May 2014, by using the data to assist with driver training, and fostering competition through league tables assisted by the dashboard reporting in the software. This is an incredible achievement for Axis over a period of short time. As a result of analysing the TomTom data, Axis is able to measure this success accurately.

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