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Vauxhall City Farm Support

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Axis has continued to support Vauxhall City Farm with a £5000 donation towards their therapy programme who offer sponsored riding projects to disadvantaged young people. The farm gives these children the opportunity to learn and thrive in sensory activities they otherwise would be excluded from.

The sensory activities include stroking the horses, riding the horses, strengthening the child’s muscles and improving their posture and coordination. It has been noted by many of the carers and parents of riders, a distinct improvement in the children’s ability to communicate and reduction in levels of stress and anxiety.

It is important that Axis continue to offer donations to Vauxhall City Farm, to give young inner city children that do not have access to many outdoor activities, the chances that are readily available to children who grow up in more rural environments.

Axis Foundation has been supporting Vauxhall City Farm with annual donations of up to £5,000 since our ‘Save the Farm’ campaign back in 2002 – that’s nearly £60,000 in total donations.

On behalf of Vauxhall City Farm CEO, Matt Lock ‘’I would like to thank Axis Europe for their continued support of Vauxhall City Farm and in particular our successful riding program. The Farm delivers Riding lessons to over 1,000 children per year many of whom are disadvantaged. I look forward to seeing the program develop and continuing this partnership for many years to come.’’

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