John Ruskin School Repair & Decoration

We completed an external repair and redecoration programme for John Ruskin School which included maintenance of four five-storey internal stairwells. We worked during the school holidays to avoid disrupting the workings of the school and, due to careful planning and resource management, we were able to deliver the project a week before the teachers returned to start their term planning sessions.

Predecoration repairs included window care, repointing the brickwork, replacing the doors as well as general preparation and decoration of the gates, fences, banisters, handrails, pipes, windows and doors. Heavy duty materials were carefully chosen to give the new decorations the longest life cycle and the best chance of withstanding the general wear and tear associated with everyday school life.


Internal and external painting and decorating
• Replacing and redecorating doors
• Renewing wrought iron fencing
• Repointing brickwork
• Repairing and repainting windows
• Repainting and redecorating internal stairwells
• Anti Climb paint
• Repairing gates, fences, banisters and handrails

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