Hackney Council Parks & Civil

As part of a five-year civil works contract with the London Borough of Hackney, Axis undertook cyclical works covering roads, playgrounds and drainage. Responsive works were also carried out during this time to repair and maintain the area. (2015-2020)


• Road Maintenance
• Road Surfacing
• Speed Bumps and Bollards
• 6 hours Maintenance per site
Capital Works per annum £350,000

• Planned Yearly Inspections
• Unplanned Works for Damage and Repairs
• New Playground Installation
• Emergency Repairs to Playgrounds
Capital Works per annum £250,000

• Day to Day Drainage
• Estate Drainage Mapping Programme
• Cyclical Drainage Programme
• OOH Drainage Programme
• Planned Drainage Programme
• CCTV Surveys
Capital Works per annum £250,000

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