Leyton Green Towers Repairs & Refurbishment

We’ve completed the refurbishment of a residential tower block which included extensive repair work prior to fit-out and decoration. The existing metal Crittall frames, from roof level to the first floor, that enclosed the stairwell were cut out and removed. The concrete was inspected and repaired accordingly to ensure structural integrity and to achieve maximum efficiency of the new window system.

New curtain walling was designed, manufactured and installed without causing too much disruption to the residents that remained occupying the flats. The partitions in the lobby were not fire compliant and therefore removed.

Work was carried out on a storey-by-storey basis to have a low impact for residents, with the interior decorative works and external Crittall frame replacement work carried out in tandem. To finish, surfaces were prepared and redecorated accordingly with a bright and consistent colour scheme.

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