Hyde Cavity Wall Insulation

The Hyde Group and Axis, with funding from E.On Energy, have completed a 725 property cavity wall insulation project in Stockwell, London. An abseiling team completed the drilling, insulation and plugging process. This method is estimated to have reduced project costs by more than 45%. Abseiling also sped up the project delivery, with an estimated 65% time saving.

The cavity wall insulation reduced the (fuel burning) energy required to heat each home by over 15%, which will achieve a saving of over 11,500 tonnes of Carbon over the lifespan of the insulation. On average, the properties receiving insulation had their energy efficiency improved from Band D to Band C.

This project targeted blocks where a high number of social housing residents fell into the fuel poverty category. The improved thermal insulation will benefit residents by making their homes easier and more affordable to heat with an average annual fuel bill saving of £133 per household.


• Abseiling installations
• Cavity wall installations
• Insta-polypearl platinum bead
• EPC surveys
• ECO funding scheme
• 725 properties

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