Find answers to the most common questions about applying to work with Axis and the supply chain portal.

  • Opportunity to be selected for more work
  • Promote your services and increase visibility within
  • Appear on an internal database of approved suppliers/subcontractors
  • Help us improve the management of our supply chain

You’ll be prompted to upload documents relevant to the trade or service your company provides to complete your application.

Common documents required:

  • Company registration and VAT certificate
  • Proof of residence
  • Insurance certificates
  • Safety documents
  • Trade accreditations
  • Email
  • Explain what services your company provides
  • We’ll review your request and confirm the next steps

You’ll need to confirm whether you are a supplier or subcontractor when registering your account with us to complete the questionnaire.

Suppliers provide goods and services to Axis Europe, whereas subcontractors provide trades such as carpentry and plumbing.

You can save completed pages by clicking save and log out on any page of the form.

When you log back into your account you’ll be directed to the beginning of the form. You’ll be able to review/edit answers you have provided and continue from where you left off.

  • Ensure your company is searchable on Axis’ approved list of suppliers/subcontractors
  • Show that your company has relevant certifications/licenses to carry out required work (expired certificates will show your company as being ineligible to work for Axis)
  • Keep us informed of any new/additional services your company offers
  • Deliver exceptional work and encourage Axis contract managers to give feedback and rate your work on the portal
  • Keep your profile up to date so that your company is visible and searchable by Axis budget holding employees

If you’ve attempted to register a new account and are unable to sign in, check that your password and username is correct. If you can’t remember your password, you can reset it by clicking the Forgot Password option displayed on the portal.

If you’re still unable to sign in or register, email the Axis team

Your company’s details will be available to Axis staff who are given permission to use the supply chain portal to complete their jobs. Before your company has been approved, your details will be reviewed by relevant internal departments e.g. Finance, Health and Safety, Sustainability etc. to ensure the correct information has been supplied.

Once approved, Axis’ contract managers will use the directory to search for companies to deliver work specific to the job’s requirements. Your company details will not be visible to or shared with any other organisation. Axis’ commercial team will also use your information and terms you’ve signed up to, to ensure work has been delivered to the correct standard.

Please review our data policy by clicking here